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ninja access

We’ve been dangling from buildings longer than we care to remember. But we don’t just hang around, we thrive on providing our customers with real solutions to complex jobs.

Why rope access?

Modern day construction problems call for modern day solutions. Sometimes it’s as simple as scaffolding being too expensive. Sometimes a cherry picker simply won’t fit. Other times, it’s finding a way to safely work on the underside of a bridge over the Thames to install electrical cables.

The acceptance of rope access as a viable alternative to scaffolding and MEWPs isn’t something that happened overnight. Truth be told, some health & safety aficionados will never be convinced of its effectiveness but the statistics speak for themselves. Rope access operations remain amongst the safest forms of work at height.



Company Director

Chief Ninja. Husband. Father. Kentish Man. Cinephile. Long-suffering fan of Charlton Athletic.

With over 10 years industry experience both on and offshore, and with thousands of rope hours under his belt, David’s drive and ambition became Ninja Access.

Ninja Access can reach areas for work that may otherwise be inaccessible or cost-prohibitive

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